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Educated Youth of Kitchen Goddess in the 1970s

Oct 25th, 2022 at 23:15   Electronics   Daniëlskuil   24 views

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Su Huaixia was shocked. Agricultural University is the best in agricultural science! Is this still second-rate or third-rate? Is it true that only Shuimu is big in Xu Shaochang's eyes! Is it a black fan in the future! How did Shuimu University recruit such a student! Sure enough, the ranking of the following schools was not as good as that of the students of Agricultural University, and their faces immediately darkened several degrees. Gu Hezhi shrugged his shoulders and led Su Huaixia to sit directly opposite Liu Guoxing under the gaze of everyone. That position is another main position, so many other students dare not sit in disorder. Gu Hezhi sat down without scruple: "Comrade Xu, you are very interesting.". Along the way, I heard that all the professors were trying to convince everyone with reason, only you wanted to convince everyone with school and teachers. Xu Shaochang understood that this was Gu Hezhi's mockery that he only knew how to show off his school but had no ability. I was so angry that I jumped to my feet. What do you mean by that? "Literally." "Are you saying I don't have my own opinion?" "Do you have it?" "Ha ha ha ha!" Xu Shaochang was so excited by Gu Hezhi that he looked up to the sky and laughed. "Shall we compare again?" "Than what?" Gu Hezhi is much calmer. Than the point of view! If you're here for a debate, you can't be without a point of view. Xu Shaochang provoked. Yes. Gu Hezhi said, "let's compare." Xu Shaochang firmly believes that Gu Hezhi is actually a rag-picker, what point of view can he have! Seeing that Gu Hezhi was excited to compete by himself, he thought he had taken advantage of it and was very happy. As for who said first and who said later, Xu Shaochang, who had a strong desire to express himself,ultrasonic generator driver, did not ask for Gu Hezhi's consent, and all of them were spitting. What he said, layman Su Huaixia did not understand. He knew vaguely that he was on the side that was not completely open. After he finished, all the people in the room were thinking, and even Liu Guoxing nodded slightly. It seems that the effect of what he said is good. Xu Shaochang glanced around and received good feedback. He felt more confident. He raised his nostrils and asked Gu Hezhi,ultrasonic extraction cbd, "Do you have anything to refute me?" Gu Hezhi took a pencil and rotated it at his fingertips: "No." Xu Shaochang: "Oh, you do not have your own point of view, but also boastful!" " Gu Hezhi looked at him strangely. Chapter 81 How dare Xu Shaochang, who was asked by He Yongnian, speak! He wished he could rush out of the door right now and disappear cleanly from Gu Hezhi's eyes so as not to be seen by him! Nope! I don't want him to see it! Otherwise, once he comes up with a few words of cynicism, his relationship with He Yongnian will be over! Xu Shaochang steeled himself and smiled at He Yongnian: "Teacher.." I want to go to the toilet. Before he had finished speaking, the host came to the stage to announce the start. Only Xu Shaochang was still standing in the audience. He was called by the host: "That classmate, sit down quickly. Our meeting is about to begin." He Yongnian glanced at Xu Shaochang with a more ugly face. Xu Shaochang now where dare to make any request, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic handheld welder, can only tremble to sit at the side of He Yongnian. First, the two sides state the general statement, and then the two sides take turns to ask questions and refute. The negative side starts first. Because this issue has been discussed many times, the opposition has no new arguments this time. They didn't take the debate to heart. Liu Guoxing was treated so coldly, and there was even more fire in his heart: "Little Comrade!"! I'm really going to call the guard! "Group Leader Liu, what security!"! He is the narrator of our general statement! It doesn't matter if other people misunderstand,ultrasonic cutting machine, but Liu Guoxing's misunderstanding is not good. Yang Wenle saw that Gu Hezhi himself was too lazy to explain and quickly stood up. Liu Guoxing paused for a few seconds and then asked incredulously, "Do you want him to speak?" Let a.. A junk collector to discuss the general theory? Liu Guoxing already felt something was wrong at this time, and he glanced at Xu Shaochang strangely. Is Xu Shaochang wrong.